Three Ways To Become A More Productive Entrepreneur

It’s been a long road to get here I'll admit, I myself a former procrastinator. I can admit it now. I will say that becoming more productive takes time. It takes consistent effort and discipline from yourself to reach such a goal as being more productive and managing your time efficiently.


How many have you said the words, “ I don’t have time to do that” or “I’ll take care of that later”? Too many to count, right! Personally, I used to say them everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, so don't worry you are not alone.   


However, as an entrepreneur, organizing your time and tasks effectively is a great way to help you carry out more responsibilities for your business. So what are the steps to becoming a more productive version of yourself? Well I’m glad you asked, let’s get into the top three ways to become a more productive entrepreneur.  


Plan Your Week Before It Begins


One of my top tips I advised people looking to increase their productivity is to take one to two hours each week to sit down and plan put their next week. Not only do you prepare yourself mentally for what’s to come, but you can also avoid a lot of stress by knowing what’s coming, especially if you are running or starting a business and you have a family.


You can take that hour or two, to figure out the task you will be completing that week, you can update your budget, check the weather (trust me sounds weird, but I schedule a lot of my life around the weather living in Florida), include time for outings with family and friends, don’t forget to throw in some self-care time, and last but certainly not least planning time on how you will start or grow your business.


Plan Your Distractions


Since you should have an understanding by now of some of your daily distractions, schedule them and be realistic. If helping the little ones with their homework should take 30 minutes, but you know realistically it’s going to take two hours, schedule that time so you won't have any surprises or take time anyway from another task.


Also plan the little things like cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, your outfits for the week these things may seem easy but they can be time-consuming.


When you decide to plan for the worse, you can potentially end up will valuable time you can use elsewhere or at least no wasted time.


Set Realistic Goals and Deadlines


This one is hard for myself and others as well. I would say that I am someone who loves to dream rather large you could say. Assuming you can take over the world in a day can lead to disappointment. In life and throughout your day there will always be obstacles. Planning for them and setting realistic goals will definitely help you overcome and succeed.  


Setting sensible goals and sometimes deadlines is one of the best ways to stay productive throughout any day, week, month or year. Some of my larger projects won’t take a week or a month to complete so I plan accordingly, thinking what’s the longest it could take realistically, and plan around the practical time frames, never wanting to rush anything.


So in conclusion, your mindset is everything. It is the foundation for every achievement, success and quite possibly some failures you will have in life. The first place to start is developing the right mindset, and if you want to reach your goals and become more productive change your mindset first.


So why do you what to be more productive? Let’s chat about it!


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